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i just fucking wanted the one

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louis tomlinson; july 31st, 2012.
louis tomlinson; july 31st, 2012.

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  • Question: hey what's your fave sexshop online side called?;) - Anonymous
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    Hi! It’s called Lovehoney :) I recommend them so much, why they don’t give me a sponsorship is a mystery to me :P

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You can try googling project free tv it works for me!

thank u friend!!!

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A few people have asked me what Louis names his mouse in Hold Me Fast, and I absolutely knew the answer to this when I wrote it, but then it didn’t quite fit with the narrative so it didn’t go in. So, here we go. 

Harry/Louis, tiny ficlet set after Maybe This Time and Hold Me Fast

Age play, daddy kink, thumb sucking, soft toys. 

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Don’t Forget Where You Belong - 30.05.2014 - Etihad Stadium in Manchester

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A wonderful fan, suesthegrl, has uploaded video from cast Q&A after the “Veronica Mars” premiere in Austin last night.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

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Reblogging again to stress that everyone must fucking watch this part again right now. Because I didn’t notice it until this gifset and it is my FAVORITE THING HARRY HAS EVER DONE possibly ever. It’s subconscious. It’s him thinking out loud about Louis and being tickled and infatuated and adorable. It is PRECIOUS. And then he bites his lip.

Go here and watch at 21:25.

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Gordon Ramsay doesn’t care about your gender, race, or creed. All he cares about is that you can cook.

The contestant, Christine, is blind, and he lets her know exactly what he thinks of her dish.

OMG I was preparing myself to be enraged by him making some horrible comment but now I’m crying in Starbucks GOD DAMMIT

Christ I am not okay with these fEELINGS


That’s so cute I wanna cry

Is there a Gordon Ramsay fan base on this site??? And where can i join???

Spoilers, she won. Her cookbook is on sale now.

Also, this is the very first apple pie she ever made.

Also, can we please take notice OF HOW HE DESCRIBES IT FOR HER? Ramsay was extremely conscious during the entire season that she would require different tactics than the other contestants; this was not the only time he became her eyes, nor the only time he did things like that scrape of the knife so she could actually have a sense of her work.

And if you really want to bawl like a baby? During final four or final three, I forget which, the remaining contestants got photos from home. Christine’s husband sent their wedding photo—which she had never seen. Ramsay paused before starting the challenge to describe to her not only her husband—the look of love and joy on his face—but also herself as a bride, so she could see in her mind how the two of them looked together on their wedding day.

It was extremely obvious nobody had ever thought to do that before.

This man should be a fucking icon not just for his cooking, but for how he treats those who are different. During the same season he asked a handsome young man, making conversation during auditions, if he had a girlfriend. The man responded that he was gay. Ramsay, without missing a beat: “I’m sorry. Have you got a boyfriend, then?” No drama, no “oh my GOSH! You’re GAY? TOKEN CHARACTER :DDDD” just a very quick, simple whoops-my-mistake and the corrected inquiry. And then he never brought it up again! It was just a thing he learned, getting to know a contestant.

Yes, he can be harsh on MasterChef and downright cruel on Hell’s Kitchen (although if you were a sous chef and you served me raw pork that was not pork tartare, I’d scream too). But he’s not an ogre; he’s a polite man with a gigantic heart who simply happens to take no shit from those who should know better.

I love him so much like at first I was scared of him now I just respect him

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bbcradio1: Thanks Dan Radcliffe for coming in earlier and letting us give you the horn 😉

bbcradio1: Thanks Dan Radcliffe for coming in earlier and letting us give you the horn 😉

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I am always sorry. “Oh did I just bump your chair? God, I’m so sorry.” “Did I not hold that door? Sososorry.” “I’m sorry, but I think…”

It’s endless how sorry I am. The number of times I excuse myself for, well, being, is astronomical. Laughable. But it’s real and it’s true. I learned to be sorry in almost the same way I learned to walk — which is to say, a little less graceful than I’d like, and something for which I’m, yeah, a little sorry.

I apologize profusely in anticipation of doing something that might annoy, be perceived as impolite, might be a hassle; I apologize when I think the barista at Starbucks made me the wrong drink. And often, I just drink it to avoid making him feel like he’s done something wrong. Because that’s the thing about sorry: I’m so sorry that I don’t want you to be. I’ve got enough for two.

Of course, one root of sorry runs right from the trunk of womanhood. You and I already know that we’re born to a culture that wants us small — small of mind, small of spirit, small of build. And yes, there are rebellions, revolutions, decades, where we make massive strides, but still, we’re aware. Girls and women aren’t ever far from the cage in which they were born.

Sorry is a way of excusing ourselves. “Sorry,” when used as frequently as I and the women around me do, negates. It eliminates. Denies rights to being, thinking, acting. It’s the way in which we keep ourselves from getting too big for our britches, isn’t it? From thinking we have ownership over space or beliefs or our bodies. And the fact that it’s used so profusely, so quickly and unthinkingly — as a reflex — makes it that much more troubling. Sorry becomes part of who we are. Non-threatening non-entities.